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Whatever the industry, your company can profit from one-stop information and assistance regarding New Jersey resources. Our unique network of experienced top-notch commercial and industrial real estate brokers and economic development experts can enable you find the right location at the lowest cost, dispose of excess property at the best price, get the most from incentive or finance packages, and locate the top procurers for gaming resources in the United States and much more.

New Jersey is home to companies in a variety of different industries. Here you can access fact-filled profiles that overview some of the leading industry sectors in the state.

New Jersey is leading the way. New Jersey draws every facet of the electronics industry, from R&D, manufacturing, distributing, and value-added resellers to system integrators and retailers. New Jersey’s already thriving electronics industry is projected to grow 30-40% a year.

Technology – especially information communications technology – is at the core of the New Economy. And New Jersey has always been at the core of high-tech innovation. From the inventions of Thomas Edison over 100 years ago to photonics and nanotechnology, New Jersey is on the leading edge of discovery. Information communications technology (ICT) would not exist without electronics – another key sector in the state. New Jersey is a recognized leader in electronics nanotechnology and ceramic and composite materials research. The state leads the nation in electronics R&D and the number of patents granted for instrumentation and electronics – another reason why New Jersey is a world leader when it comes to ICT.

According to an article on , most gaming companies that have focused on only Research and Development do themselves a disservice by not including media relations.  That is to say, that gaming companies should consider the internet as a marketing outlet and as a real percentage of their pre-release agenda.  This has been the issue for many casino app companies as many are able to obtain excellent funding sources and procure great talent, but then fall short at game release time because there was nothing applied to the marketing aspect of the project.